Call of Conscience. It’s Urgent!!!

Corporal Binh Le, USMC, paid his ultimate price in Iraq on December 3, 2004 while fighting terrorism to protect our country. His commanding officer recommended him for a Silver Star and wrote in a letter read at the ceremony: “Le, 20, grabbed his rifle when the truck packed with explosives attacked his military post December 3, 2004. He had run to a position to fire on the driver and hold back the vehicle when it exploded. His final act of bravery saved the lives of others. I will be forever grateful for his heroism.”

Corporal Le’s biological mother came to America legally through proper channels to attend her son’s funeral. After the funeral, she wishes to remain in the U.S. to be close to her son’s tomb but her application for permanent resident status has been denied by our Immigration & Naturalization Service (INS). While the I.N.S. has been so incompetent dealing with over 10 million illegal aliens in our country, it unjustly denied permanent resident status to a mother of our fallen USMC hero on technicalities.

U.S. Rep. James P. Moran Jr. (D-Va.) filed a private bill in Congress last February to intervene in this matter, but it has been stuck in committee since March. We urgently need your help to write to Congress to grant Corporal Le’s mother her wish. Please visit the two links below for more information on Corporal Binh Le.
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