by David A. Bond, Col, USAF (Ret)

               “PC” what does it mean to you?  To most it is a personal computer to the war on terror it means “Politically Correct” perhaps the most important words in the enemy arsenal when used in conjunction with the U.S.  The politically correct attitude prevalent throughout the United States and permeating in the halls of Washington, DC is enough to say “we have met the enemy and it is us.” 

When our leadership decides not to strike over 100 top Taliban leaders in Afghanistan when we had the air power in place to do so because they are at a funeral in a mosque, that’s nothing short of bad judgment.  Do you think for one moment that would stop the Taliban from hitting our top leaders in a church NO!  Don’t go there—here we go again– most are saying ‘Oh! We are the good guys and we can win in spite of ” ….can we?  I honestly don’t know.  To carry this further, have you thought by not hitting that mosque how many of those leaders returned to the battle field and developed plans that ultimately resulted in the death of U.S. troops or NATO troops in Afghanistan.  The fix—kill them anywhere, anytime, by any means.

Illegal immigration is another politically correct agenda that must be dealt with to improve our national security.  How many terrorist agents have infiltrated across the border to assume a sleeper position for future attacks?  An estimate of up to 20 million illegal immigrants are residing in this country resulting in a drain on the tax payers, our treasury, social security system and our medical facilities.  Additionally, there are many illegal immigrants in our prisons and more importantly there are more than 300,000 illegals wanted for crimes in this country.  Are we bowing to Mexican pressures on immigration and oil while establishing Political Correctness with a country on our border!  The perception of the majority of U.S. citizens is we are sacrificing security.  Stop being Politically Correct build the fence, establish maximum immigration numbers to allow the U.S. to control those illegally already in this country.   Disallow any illegal immigrant to sue a United States citizen or our government.

Reasonable interrogation of enemy combatants captured in conduct of hostile action against the United States is fully justified and that interrogation should be uncomfortable.  Again, we have to realize that we are in a multi-generational war that will deteriorate eventually to the lowest levels of human actions.  Whatever is necessary to gain information to protect this country, our military, or our citizens should be legal.  The United States government should understand that education of our citizens will make them aware of the threat facing this country and provide better justification for more intense levels of interrogation. 

Someone, I don’t know who, must step up to the plate and admit that we are substituting Political Correctness for winning.  Much of what we do is Politically Correct and has a direct impact on security on this United States and is against our national interest.

The worldwide war on terror is full speed ahead on many fronts including Indonesian, Somalia, Thailand and Malaysia to name a few.  Maybe just maybe, it is time to reassess the political correctness that seems to drive our decisions and make us a little more insecure.  Don’t always err on the side of the bad guy that wants to kill us and destroy our country.  Our obligation from the President down is protection and security of the American people. 

Think for a minute the main groups that push the politically correct agenda ACLU, Hollywood, and Congress.  Security is our number 1 priority and without that nothing else matters not our economy, good schools, family life or anything that makes this great country what it is. 

This is a war that will not be called because of rain, sleet or snow because of darkness or length.  This war will be called only when one side wins.  This is a long, multi-generational war and the way for us to shorten it and win it is forgetting forever the words “Politically Correct.”

If we and our government don’t understand – Politically Correct will be interchangeable with Doom and history will record: 

Here Lies the Great United States of America

Born July 4, 1776

Died ….(we will determine this)

Cause of Death: “Political Correctness”

Courtesy:   http://www.whatarewefightingfor.com/

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