Congressman Cao Rejects Vietnam’sRequest for Help


May 3, 2010

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Cao Rejects Vietnam’s Requestfor Help Arranging Meeting with Vietnamese-American Community

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman “Joseph” Cao (LA-02)rejected the Vietnamesegovernment’s request for help arranging a meeting with the Vietnamese-Americancommunity.

Cao’s decision came in a letter to Deputy Minister Nguyen Thanh Son. Deputy Minister Son had written Cao,  requestingthe Congressman’s help facilitating the meeting so the Vietnamesegovernment can provide “correct information” about Vietnam. Son said he believed that miscommunication is the cause for theVietnamese-American community’s condemnation of the Vietnamesegovernment.  (Click  to read Cao’s responseto Son in Vietnamese.)

In his reply letter, Congressman Cao says the premisefor the proposed meeting is misguided.  Cao affirmed that theVietnamese-Americans left their homeland not because of”misunderstanding” but because they rejected the tyranny ofcommunism. Congressman Cao also stressed that until the government of Vietnam hasdemonstrated real changes related to freedom and human rights, calls forreconciliation will not be taken seriously by the Vietnamese-Americancommunity.

Congressman Cao outlines the specific steps the government of Vietnamcan take to demonstrate its goodwill, such as: release all prisoners of conscience,respect for religious freedom, termination of oppression of democracyactivists and demonstration of respect for the rule of law by paying thevictims of the Daewoosa American Samoa human trafficking case as adjudicated by law.

Letter to Deputy Minister Nguyen Thanh Son


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