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Coalition to Salute America's Heroes

Becauseof a brain injury suffered in Iraq, Dennis Smutzer and hisfamily could lose their Illinois home. Many other woundedtroops hit by the home foreclosure crisis desperately needyour help.

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Wounded troops hit by foreclosure crisis need your helpthis Fourth of July to avoid losing homes!

Dear Patriotic American,

I’m sure you’re aware of the homeforeclosure crisis sweeping the nation, which may costmillions of able-bodied Americans their homes.

But can you imagine how theforeclosure crisis is affecting our severelyDISABLED servicemen and women?

Many of our wounded heroes maynever be able to work again because they’ve been paralyzed,brain-damaged, burned or blinded. And nearly half theirspouses have quit their jobs to care for them.

No wonder they are fallingbehind on their rent or mortgage!

Please clickhere to help prevent them from losing their homes.

My name is General Chip Diehl(Ret.) and I’m writing to you on behalf of the Coalition toSalute America’s Heroes. The Coalition is a nonprofit,nonpartisan organization founded to help troops who have beenseverely wounded in the War on Terror in Iraq orAfghanistan.

As the patrioticFourth of July holiday nears, we hope to hit our goal ofraising $1 million to help wounded troops and their familieswho are facing foreclosure or eviction.

By clickinghere you can make a generous, tax-deductible donationto the Coalition’s Wounded Troops Home ProtectionProject.

I also want to ask you to take justa few seconds to sign a special THANK YOU and GET WELL cardfor a severely wounded young Marine, soldier, sailor orairman.

A thoughtful greeting cardfrom you could quickly boost their spirits and help in theirhealing.

When you make a donation, a specialTHANK YOU and GET WELL card with your name on it will behand-delivered to a severely wounded hero who needs somecheering up. You can even type in a personal greeting ifyou like!

Clickhere to send your greeting to a disabled hero.

Your greeting card and donation maybe helping someone just like Dennis Smutzer, whose photoappears at the top of this e-mail.

Before he went to serve in Iraq,Dennis had a well-paying job as a heavy equipment operator.But because of his brain injury he can’t get that job back.Dennis and his wife Angie have two small children, and they’restruggling to make ends meet.

In a letter to the Coalition, Angiewrote:

“We hope we can get some help withour mortgage payment so we don’t lose our home.”

This Fourth of July I certainlyhope you’ll respond to their heartbreaking story by sendinga tax-deductible donation to the Coalition. Pleaseclickhere to send your gift.

Keep in mind: Lenders don’tmake exceptions for wounded heroes who have fallen behind ontheir mortgages.

That means wounded troops just backfrom Iraq or Afghanistan are also losing their homes, throughno fault of their own.

But YOU have the power to dosomething the government should have done a long timeago.

Something the CEO of any bigmortgage company could do, but hasn’t.

You have the power to help grant a”grace period” to the family of a wounded GI facing ahumiliating eviction or foreclosure.

A little extra help may be all manyof these wounded heroes need to turn their financial situationaround, so please clickhere to make a generous donation right now.

These wounded heroes have protectedour freedom, our families and our homes. Now it’s our turnto protect theirs.

Please clickhere to make a generous, tax-deductible donation to theCoalition’s Wounded Troops Home ProtectionProject.

Thank you,

Brigadier Gen.Arthur F. “Chip” Diehl

U.S. AirForce (Ret.)

P.S. The home foreclosure crisishas taken a devastating toll on our wounded troops. Ourdisabled servicemen and women who have been paralyzed,brain-damaged, burned or blinded may never be able to workagain. And nearly half their spouses have quit their jobs totake care of them. Can you imagine how you’d pay yourrent or mortgage under those circumstances?

The Coalition has created aWounded Troops Home ProtectionProjectto help these families,and I hope I can count on your support this Fourth ofJuly.

Please clickhere to make a special Fourth of July donation.

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