My Heartfelt Thanks to AllVeterans

their families

Veterans Day 2012

Hoi B. Tran

Veterans Day 2012is only a few days away.Every yearthat went by since the end of the Viet Nam War in April 1975, public opinion inthe U.S.towards Viet Nam Veterans, gradually and constantly changed.Unlike the time I came to America as a political refugee after the fall ofthe Republic of (South) Viet Nam thirty-seven years ago, people loathed VietNam Veterans and treated them disrespectfully.

Fortunately, thatill-conceived attitude, despicable behavior towards Viet Nam Veterans in thepast has changed.

Recently I ranacross some excellent articles on the internet and, I feel extremely happy to postthem on my Website to share with my American brothers-in-arms. I am sure thesearticles would bring great consolation to many of you.

On ourtraditional Veterans Day in the U.S.,I want to sincerely thank all Veterans and their families, past and present,for your service and your sacrifice to help us in Viet Nam and to protect and defend thisgreat nation of ours.

I also wish totake this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Veterans ofAustralia, the Republic of Korea and New Zealand for helping us in ourlegitimate self-defense against the North Vietnamese communist invaders.

God bless youall,

Hoi B. Tran

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