Letter to our young Vietnamese-Americansby VanNguyen

Our dear friends,

Frequently we are facing the question “Where are youfrom?”, and our natural answer is “From Viet Nam.” However our identity is not that simple as other Asian countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India,etc… Are we North Vietnamese – American (Communist) or South Vietnamese -American (former Republic of South Viet Nam)? 

Why is this so important to you and your family? Please look back into the history of Viet Nam: thereare two mass exoduses of millions of people from Communism. One in 1954 afterthe Geneva Convention divided our country in two nations and another one in1975 when the Communist invaded South Viet Nam. From 1954 to 1975, one million ofsoldiers of the Republic of Viet Nam lost their lives to protect our countryfrom becoming Communist; fighting along side with the soldiers of our Alliedcountries: US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan,South Korea…

 Our identity is important to us. Millions of soldiers,parents and friends sacrificed their lives for our freedom and our welfare. Thedetermination of millions of innocent people, after the invasion of theCommunist in 1975, is forever to be honored. These people confronted theconsequences of failure, the perils of the oceans, cruelties of the pirates, the dangers of an uncertain future to bring theirfamilies, to find for us a free country to live. History told only a smallpercentage succeeding in such a plight. However, here we are today asliving testimonies. 

 That is why it was so important to us when The Stateof Ohio passed The House Bill No 55 and Governor Ted Strickland formallyrecognized the twenty-ninth day of April as a “Heritage and FreedomFlag of the Former Republic of Viet Nam Day” in honor of the heroes who gave the ultimate sacrifice for freedom.

 We all hope that our predecessors are planting theseed of young Vietnamese in this good ideological soil to make a better SouthVietnamese-American generation. 

 From the bottom of our Heart, we are calling on yourparticipation of the Flag Day ceremonies in front of the Ohio State Capitol on Thursday, April 29, 2010.Your presence and participation will not only tell “Who you are”, will show your sincere recognition to theultimate, noble sacrifice of our Allied Nation soldiers who gave their livesfor our freedom. This is the least we can do as Vietnamese people in Ohio. “Do notforget who you are!”

Van Nguyen

Born to Honor Freedom

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