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David A. Bond, Col, USAF (Ret)

Go to a party, chit-chat orlisten to comments around the office cooler.Anywhere you discuss border securityeveryone has a point of view – but a fence must be the top consideration andimmediately be built.The impact onthis country’s security is critically crucial.

I recently gave a speech to thePat Nixon Republican Women’s Federated Organization in Orange County CA.Border security was at the top of theirinterest list, not only from the illegal immigrant standpoint but from theterrorism view as well.

I was delighted in the number ofquestions and comments that came from these ladies as mothers, grandmothersconcerning border security and terrorism and their legitimate concern for thefuture of this country.How manyterrorist or potential terrorist have already crossed the border to becomesleepers, awaiting the word to attack U.S. targets?

Numerous Muslim prayer blankets have been found along theborder – not used south of the border – I DON’T THINK.Most people discussing bordersecurity are primarily concerned with the illegal worker saga. In addition toterrorism we tend to forget the billion dollar business of drug traffickingthat crosses our borders.Whendiscussing border security it includes our security, safety, freedoms, economy,confidence and well being that we’ve all experienced in past decades of growingup and living in a relatively secure country.

Illegals caughtin the past five years have had little fear of being prosecuted – less than 3%of the 1.17 million caught last year were.We must establish a plan to stop the flow and be able to immediatelydocument everyone who comes into this country. We must know who is here and becapable of immediately identifying them.We must check for diseases, criminal records, and any derogatoryinformation.We must disallow babiesborn of illegals in this country to automaticallybecome American citizens.We must notallow illegals to sueAmerican citizens or the U.S.government. (reference my article on PoliticalCorrectness in the previous Patriot newsletter)

We must stop or slow down the drug traffic that is slowlydestroying our citizens through users, gangs, and innocent bystanders who endup as victims.Terrorism is themost important argument for proposals on closing the borders.Getting a handle on those that enter thiscountry that are part of the terror network is a must.The border security problem is a part ofthe war on terror – A BIG PART.

If we have open borders (and for all practical purposeswe do) why do we have a terror list at airports or ship ports or at any borderentry point?WE HAVE CLOSEDTHE FRONT DOOR BUT LEAVE THE BACK DOOR OPEN!

If you were intent as part of a terror network to destroythis country and cause death and destruction, which door would you comethrough?Recently a boat with 100illegal Haitians penetrated our nation’s coastal defenses in South Florida.Another exampleof the poor border defense we have in the U.S.!Yep, I’m afraid so.If this group could get through, how canwe expect that any group well briefed, funded with savvy intelligence wouldhave any trouble?

Check out the immigration amnesty plan being workedbehind closed doors in Washington.If you haven’t looked deeply at theimmigration issue, take a look.Youmight be surprised.If this amnestyprogram is implemented, millions of applications will immediately beforthcoming to an already overworked immigration system.Terrorists, drug runners, criminals andothers would take this opportunity to use counterfeit IDs to become legal.

Thus, driver licenses, social security cards, creditcards, etc., would be legally obtained identification to enter the daily lifeas a legitimate U.S.citizen.Theresult?Manyundesirables in our country – LEGALLY with a “free pass.”Destruction of our country and citizens,the poisoning of our youth with drugs and without the worry of being picked upand continuing the drain on the American taxpayer while literally “hidingin the open” – WOW!!As aretired senior military officer and having dealt with the Washington establishment, why does this notsurprise me?

I mention this only because our very survival as Americancitizens depends on it.Here we goagain – politically correct – those two words, mark my wordswill kill us!

Wake up America – get educated on what’s going on in theimmigration fiasco.Do it now.Get to your representatives so theywon’t continue to act like a “rudderless ship.”

Tell them your thoughts – there is strength in numbers -that is our weapon – no more charades in D.C.

Border security is on life support in this country.It will be a major operation but thealternative is unthinkable.We areat a huge risk and will be until  – the citizensoldier – takes action.

If you care – I mean really care and have fire in yourbelly – stand up and be counted as an American that wants your children andgrandchildren to enjoy what this country has to offer.We are “only” demanding ourhomeland be secure!

Weexpect no more – we will accept no less.


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