Yes, Our Cause In Vietnam WasNoble

by: – T.L.Foster, Peoria, Illinois.

Republican presidential candidate RonaldReagan has been drawing fire from certain quarters for his recent affirmationthat Americafought for noble motives in Vietnam.

Specifically, Reagan told the Veteransof Foreign Wars in Chicagothe “Vietnam Syndrome”had made Americans timid and apologetic fortheir opposition to communist aggression.

“Well, it’s time werecognized that ours was, in truth, a noble cause.We dishonor the memory of 58,000 youngAmericans who died in that cause and over a quarter of a million wounded whenwe give way to feelings of guilt as if we were doing something shameful.”Reagan said.

Reagan’s image of the contemporaryAmerican fighting man is somewhat removed from the currently approved Hollywood stereotype of a drug-crazed zombie orneo-fascist psychopath in G.I. fatigues. But Reagan is absolutely right.As individuals and as a nation, wegenerally fought for noble motives in Vietnam.

To say that is not to say the war wasbeing fought wisely by any means. But then the soldiers in the front lines didnot know that the politicians of the U.S.A. were using them to fight anddie in a war that the U.S.government had no intention of winning or even tying such as in Korea.

But those such as George McGovern,Ted Kennedy, Frank Church and Jimmy Carter who supported the war while it wasgoing on under Democratic leadership, but ultimately called it“racist,” bear a heavy burden when they go beyond questioning thewisdom or practicality of our effort in Southeast Asia to condemning ourmotives.

Perhaps the strongest answer tothat is to look at what followed our withdrawal from Southeast Asia.Nothing producedmore scorn among ardent anti-war liberals than the “domino theory.”The idea that if North Vietnam conquered South Vietnam it would also conquerLaos,Cambodiaand Thailand.Generally speaking the rest of Southeast Asiawould also fall if South Vietnam did.Well, we left and North Vietnamconquered South Vietnam,took Laosand Cambodiaand is currently probing Thailand.

The left wingers also laughed atthe idea that victory by North Vietnam and the Khmer Rouge would befollowed by repression and mass executions. But all Vietnam today is a prison, withtens of thousands in concentration camps and tens of thousands of pathetic“boat people” fleeing their doomed homeland.

In Cambodia, the communist Pol Potregime practiced genocide on a scale proportionately greater than even Hitlerwith the Jews.Where was our humanrights President during this holocaust ?

The young Americans who shouldered armsduring the long Vietnamstruggle may have shared some of the popular misgivings about the war, but theydid their duty as fully as any of their forefathers and they did carry theextra burden of scorn from many in their homeland.It is a burden that they are long sinceentitled to put down.For most ofthem, there was nothing at all ignoble about their performance !

From: “The PeoriaJournal Star” newspaper

Peoria, IllinoisSeptember 6,1980..

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