by Bob Anderson, PhD, CMSgt (Ret)

What are we fighting for?  Many of you have followed the articles I have written for the past 18 months, some while in Iraq and some after I returned.  It was these articles that were the seed from which our new What Are We Fighting For?™Association, and the new What Are We Fighting For? website grew.  I want to say thank you to those who have been around for a while and welcome to the new folks that are coming aboard.

Part of our mission is to tell the “other side of the story” that the major media outlets seem never to discover.  We will be telling the stories of daily heroism not only over seas but here in the United States.

          We will honor our fallen.  We will honor their families and we will honor those that have been honoring them.  Folks like Steve Newton with Silver Flag Families of America, David Bancroft with USA Patriotism, Tony Dukes with Red, White and Blue Outdoors, Doug Besherse with  Then there is Malcolm Brown who is trying to get the National Veterans Museum built in Houston, Texas.

          We will also introduce you to folks like Deborah Tainsh, Maria Edwards, Tina Thompson, Hazel Strickland, Teresa Newsom and Karen Turcotte; these ladies are totally engaged in honoring the fallen and supporting the troops still serving and educating our elected officials in the process.

          I’ll also be introducing you to the What Are We Fighting For?, Inc. staff.  Dear Friends and great Americans that have joined me and Pam in this new project.  You’ll also be meeting our friend, Dave Bond.  Dave is the Vice President of West Coast Operations for What Are We Fighting For?, Inc.  He was my Commanding Officer from 1976-78 and a dear and treasured friend ever since.

          How are we going to proceed?  We will tell you facts about what is going on in the country today, you make up your own mind.  We will give you our opinions, you form your own.  I like the attitudes of Mark Twain and Will Rogers who were commentators during their time.  Rather than become swamped by the “death, doom and destruction” that exist in every time frame; rather than become jaded and cynical by the corruption that always exists in politics and government; rather than become defeated by what seemed like insurmountable obstacles – they told the truth and they used humor to make the truth go down easier.  Unfortunately, there is not a lot to laugh about if you follow the news as reported by the media. 

          I have to say though; I don’t really care about Britney.  So she shaved her head, I’ve been doing that since ’95.  Who ever is thrown off of American Idol is not going to impact my universe – I just met Toby Keith – that’s a real American Idol. 

          I invite you to meet some REAL people.  I invite you to read some REAL news. I invite you to learn how to impact the future of this great country.  I invite you to learn how to defend your family and property.  I invite you to learn how to get your elected politicians back to representing the desires of those that elected them instead of focusing on staying in power.  I invite you to help us invite an old and dear friend back into our schools, government buildings and homes – you remember him – his name is God.

          These and many more things are What We Are Fighting For. Join me, Pam, David and the entire What Are We Fighting For?, Inc. staff.  Help us re-Americanize America.

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